SBC Documents

Ride Leaders:
If you are a member of Schaumburg Bicycle Club you are asked to sign this Form to affirm your membership.
Guests, non-members, are required to sign this form in order to protect the Ride Leader, other ride participants, and all other members of Schaumburg Bicycle Club against claims.

Download the SBC Ride Sign-In Form(pdf)

Ride Policy:
Participants on Club rides are expected to abide by the following rules for their safety and the safety of others.

Download the SBC Ride Policy(pdf)

Ride Leader Guidelines:
Ride leaders should follow the following guidelines for planning and leading club rides.

Download the SBC Ride Leader Guidelines(pdf)

Included in the By-Laws is the Club's Mission Statement, along with the listed responsibilities of each officer. Interested in running for any elected office? Check out the By-Laws.

Download the SBC By-Laws(pdf)

Policy for Club Mile Credits:
The Guidelines for Mileage explains how miles are tracked for club rides. Members may opt out if desired.

Download the Club Mileage Policy(pdf)

Privacy Policy:
The Privacy Policy explains what personal information is collected by the Club, and how that information may be used. The Club will not sell or share your information with outside parties.

Download the SBC Privacy Policy(pdf)

Media Policy:
We encourage participants to share their experiences using social media. We ask that you be considerate of others when you share pictures, videos, or audio files.

Download the SBC Media Policy(pdf)

E-Mail Policy:
The Club uses an e-mail distribution list service (group mail) to communicate with members. Commercial use of the Club group mail is not allowed.

Download the SBC E-Mail Policy(pdf)

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