Fox River Trail
November 7, 2021

It looks like there will still be some days with good weather for riding
this year. We just need to be flexible to take advantage of the best days. (And choosing routes with restrooms still open can be challenging.) Instead of a Saturday ride, join us this Sunday when the weather is expected to be milder (upper 50's) for a ride on the Fox River Trail. We'll start at noon at the windmill in Fabyan Preserve and head south to Oswego and return.

The route is mostly flat and paved. Shorter distances are easily arranged since this is an out and back ride.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to prepare.

Reminders: Helmets are expected safety gear. Bikes are expected to be in good condition. Guests are welcome to join us for one ride but are expected to join the club for additional rides (insurance requirements). Fountains may be disabled so bring enough water.

Starting Location:
Fabyan Forest Preserve, (1500 Crissey Ave, Batavia) Route 25 north of Fabyan Parkway (parking lot near the windmill)

Distance: 30 miles
Average Speed: 10-12 mph
Leader: Wayne (
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