Thursday Evening Ramble
September 2, 2021
5:15 PM

Join us Thursday for a 20 mile Ramble thru Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Palatine and Rolling Meadows. There is a definite planned route that crosses boundaries, uses a variety of Trails, Routes and quiet neighborhood residential streets. All paved, no limestone trails.

So, join the explorers ready to ride by 5:15 the start point is the parking lot by Oberweis near the Schaumburg Library. Due to early sunsets, we only have a couple more evening rides planned.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to prepare.

Helmets are always required, we should average 12-13 mph as usual. Bring your emergency contact info. Try to let me know if you are coming. Guests are invited, I have brochures and applications.

Starting Location:
Town Square shopping center parking lot, Schaumburg and Roselle Roads

Distance: 20 miles
Average Speed: 12 mph
Leader: Larry (
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