Club Trip - Stevens Point, WI
August 7, 2021

Weekend trip for club members only. Members cover their own expenses.

We are biking the GREEN CIRCLE TRAIL. It is a scenic 26 mile loop. The trail goes through many different woods in various cities/counties. The trail in the woods is “cinder” (very fine dirt/bark mixed), as well as some boardwalks to ride on throughout. Very very awesome scenery. The trail comes out of the woods onto paved side streets/paths going past subdivisions and going back into woods into the next city/county. Very very interesting loop trail (definitely not boring) This is mostly a flat ride with a couple of hills or inclines (as some of us would call them), but nothing no one in the bike club can’t handle. Walking your bike up them is an option. We are biking to the trail from our hotel (Comfort Inn), which adds on 8 miles total, so this is a 34 mile bike ride. The start time will be anywhere from 7:45-9:00 am (determined by the temperature). (We will let everyone know before that Saturday what time we will start.) I would say that 60% of this ride is shady. We will make water stops as necessary. We aren’t racing through - this is a casual ride. Just make sure you have been riding consistently with SBC or on your own to prepare for the trip. There are no restaurant stops along the Green Circle Trail, unfortunately, so everyone will bring their own lunch sandwich or snack. About halfway through the ride we will come upon Schmeekle Reserve, which has an indoor cute reserve facility This is our restroom stop and our snack stop (we will eat what we brought). Schmeeckle Reserve does not sell food. It’s just where we plan to stop for a while and eat whatever we brought. We will stop for a good 20 minutes, maybe longer, depending on everyone’s desires. They have outdoor picnic tables to eat at.

Starting Location:
Comfort Inn, Plover WI

Distance: 34 miles
Average Speed: 10-12 mph
Leader: Cindy (
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