Thursday Ride (9-5-19)
September 5, 2019
9:30 am

There is a CHANGE OF PLANS for our ride TOMORROW MORNING. We understand there is some trail/bridge work going on somewhere between the gravel pit and the airport on the northern end of the Fox River Trail and it probably won't be completed until sometime tomorrow. SO, we're going to make it a ride down to Oswego instead. Plan on meeting at Bennett Park in Geneva by 9:15AM to sign in (ready to ride by 9:30AM). This is about a 34 mile round trip ride - we'll re-group at several spots along the way. Questions? Call us at 1-847-891-2383 or (cell) 1-630-306-3153. If any reason to cancel, we'll post that by 8:00AM. Hope to see some of you at Bennett Park in the morning. Sorry for the change. Howard and Anna.

Starting Location:
round trip from the Depot to Veteran Acres Park would be about 25 miles.

Distance: 25
Average Speed: 10-13 mph
Leader: Howard (
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