Bartlett Ramble Ride
August 24, 2019
9 AM

Join us for a rambling ride through a variety of city and county parks in Bartlett this Saturday. We'll start at Philip State Park heading east to skirt Mallard Lake to Hawk Hollow. Then we'll pick up the West Branch Trail down to the Great Western Trail. Finally, we'll take the Prairie Path back to Philip State park.

The route will mostly be limestone trails.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to prepare and sign in.

We'll wait for folks to use the restrooms in the visitor's center (opening at 9 am) before we start the ride.

Casual speed ride, no one left behind.

Starting Location:
James Pate Philip State Park (Stearns Road a little over 2 miles west of Route 59. We'll start from the parking lot at the visitor's center. Try 2054 W Stearns Rd, Bartlett. But it doesn't work for all GPS units.)

Distance: 25 miles
Average Speed: 8-12 MPH
Leader: Wayne (
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